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If there are any mappers out there, you may be interested to know that XMapEdit has been released
XMAPEDIT is an extended version of original Blood map editor with fixed bugs such as wrong hitscan on high resolutions, lots of new features and extended objects limits. It's compatible with vanilla Blood, supports modern types as well and includes all the features of PMAPEDIT. It still requires DOS or DosBox to be started.
The manual that comes with XMAPEDIT package designed to cover all the XMAPEDIT features relative to original MAPEDIT, thus if you don't know what is original map editor, you should refer to the full mapedit manual that answer all your questions and covers all aspects of level editing.
Any suggestions and comments are welcome in Blood related Discord channel:
You may also send e-mail to:
You can download XMapEdit from:
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XMAPEdit was designed to take advantage of new features in NBlood. and there are a few incompatibilities between XMAPEDIT and B:FS, even if you aren't using some of the enhancements. You may need to load the new map into original mapedit and then save again for it to work.
There has been a new release for XMapEdit, which includes a preview mode.
Be sure to check the manual for feature updates.
New build of XMapEdit: BUILD JAN 23 2021
Quite a few bug fixes.
So, it looks like XMapEdit is compatible with B:FS now.

Any maps that are affected in FS because of an old build of xmapedit only need to be re-saved with the latest release. That is all
FS loads maps differently than vanilla blood and thus an incompatibility was found and fixed
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