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Hello my fellow Bloodites,
I was looking around the Blood Forums here on and i realized that no one has posted any walkthroughs or where to find a decent walkthrough! Now I am pretty sure you will never stumble across the Blood Strategy Guide on ebay, but then again you could be lucky... and there is the old Gamewizards guide that came with the original One Whole Unit Blood, (sad to see its not packed in the one advertised in the bonuses on gog) but I am pretty sure alot of returning fans don't have that trusty cd anymore either.
So I decided to tell you Blood lovers a few good links for Blood 1 such as a very good walkthrough, the gamewizards guide, trailers, information sites, and fan websites.
FrostyTheDragon's Game and Randomness Hall Channel - Blood(PC) all-secrets playthrough
This is a very good walkthrough for amatuers and pros alike! This guy will walk you through all the episodes (Blood 1, Plasma Pak, and is currently working on Cryptic Passage) on Well Done and every secret, even all of the supersecrets! For first timers however, I do recommend playing through Blood once before using any kind of walkthrough and refraining from using cheats in that matter, so you can gain the unique playing experience that Blood has to offer you! I highly recommened this walkthrough, even if you already did beat the game and its expansions on all of the difficulities with every secret found, because it is also very entertaining to watch and hear him play this epic game!
Complete GameWizards Guide For Blood
Now this one I did find on this forum and I do find it very cool. This youtube channel has all the videos for the GameWizards Guide to Blood. This ranges from those wierd videos by Victoria Wolfe, The Index, Maps, and the Unlock The Secrets. I think this is a very cool find, especially since I have not come across a file download for this original guide. I recommend this only for the amusement of looking back to see the original bonuses of buying blood, because I think the guide itself is pretty crappy. Good thing GameWizards isn't around anymore...
Blood 1 Official Trailer & Cryptic Passage Trailer
This is another very cool find! I found these two out while searching the Blood Wiki one day. They are pretty self explainitory and I won't go into much detail but I do recommend looking at them for entertainment purposes...
Blood 1 Link:
Cryptic Passage Link:
The Blood Wiki
Pretty much the only Blood imformation website around since the fall of PlanetBlood. I find this Blood Wiki an essential for any Blood Fan. It is so essential i even have a desktop shortcut for it! This wiki is stuffed full of interesting and useful information, and I always come back to check on the Blood News (how I found out about This is pretty much just like any other wiki as in you can just drop in information and go which i tend to do from time to time. Extras for this wiki is the large fan base such as fanfiction, artwork, and ect. I definetly recommend this.
Major Fan Websites
I don't feel like going into much information with these but these are the fan websites that are the top on my list so check them out!
(Download this in-the-works remake)
The Postmortem:
(Join the forum!)
(See this guy's collection and file database)
Blood Mods:
(Holy Shit... I never have seen these many mods!)
Blood 1 Cutscenes
Yeah I ran out of topics so I will just throw this one in here for the hell of it.
Blood 1 Intro:
Blood 1 Boss 1:
Blood 1 Boss 2:
Blood 1 Boss 3:
Blood 1 Pre-Final:
Blood 1 Final:
Long post but I felt like it was worth putting out this information for you guys. I hope you enjoy it and if you got any questions, comments, ect... feel free to do so.
Also you can check out my review of Blood here:
So are you just going to stand there and bleed...
Or are you going to get your hands bloody!?
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TeenBeach: Hello my fellow Bloodites,


So are you just going to stand there and bleed...
Or are you going to get your hands bloody!?
I'm quite shocked to be honest that not a single reply has made a reply to this thread

thank you very much for all of this and this is very helpful and informative

bumping so that more people can see this :)
I'm not the only one to hold this game in such reverence, then.

That's a load off my mind, really. I thought it somewhat disquieting that a game so thematically horrible could leave me feeling so strangely cosy.