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If anyone wants to grab a friend and paint the town red, we have a few instances of CL102’s NBlood Bloodbath server running at: Notes:
• The above IP address may change, so check back regularly.
• Users need to be running the 2020-02-11 NBlood build: Just download the and extract it into your OUWB or B:FS folder.

See further instructions below.
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This still works like the old lobby system, so all the players need to connect to the server before it will launch the game. The port for each server instance varies by how many total players want to join on the server list, and can host up to 7 clients. Yes I know, "But, Blood supports 8 players!". One of the clients is used up by the server to host the game.

Once you are ready to start, pick which server instance you want to run on. For instance, you can find a 2-player game of Blood 1.21 under ► Show Blood version 1.21 servers. Just toggle the arrow:
▼ Show Blood version 1.21
The below files must be in your Blood directory:
Player 0/2
Command to join: nblood -client -port 56779
Open a Command Line instance and navigate to your Blood folder. Paste the command line string to launch NBlood with those parameters
C:\games\Blood>nblood -client -port 56779
Press NBlood's [Start] button and you should see a message like:
Connecting to
Connected to
Once all players have joined, it should continue launching NBlood. You will then want to navigate the menus to select which type of game you want to run. Bloodbath or CoOp, and what map to play.

Now with support for:
Cryptic Passage - Fresh Supply owners need to copy tiles007.ART & tiles015.ART from \addons\Cryptic Passage into the main Blood folder and rename them to CPART07.AR_ & CPART15.AR_, repectivly. (don't over write the original Blood tiles007.ART & tiles015.ART files)
Deathwish 1.6.10 -
The Way of Ira -

If anyone else is interested in spinning up a copy on their own VPS, CL102 has the docker package, with instructions, hosted here: Have fun!
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I've updated the license server to support HV's Bloodbath map collection.

These can be downloaded here: Bloodbath Maps

All users will want to have these maps before joining the server. Just extract the map files to your Blood folder.
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Server IP updated to
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Out of curiosity, how much activity do you get on the server (assuming you actively track it, that is)?
TheMonkofDestiny: Out of curiosity, how much activity do you get on the server (assuming you actively track it, that is)?
It does some tracking, and it reports how "<x> man-hours played since <last restart date>" right on the main page, but the counter gets reset every time I have to restart the server.

I've had troubles with it recently going into read-only mode. I suspect something/someone got in there that was causing my VPS to put it on the naughty list. I just rebuilt it after researching what I could do with security rules, etc. So hopefully it will be around quite a bit longer this time.

In general, I would say that a couple hours are put on it every week. Interest in it comes and goes every so often.
There are two other server in Chicago and New York, but you need to access those through the Blood discord server.
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server IP address has been updated to and is currently running.
Added a server in Germany for anyone in Europe