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I have no idea if this is considered "On-topic" for this forum, but I'm gonna go ahead on a limb here and assume so.

Basically, after I got off work, I spent my whole day pretty much modding this in. Had a blast. My mod does way more than you see here, but I simply uploaded this video as a tribute to Blood and the character Caleb, not to showcase everything I've done.

I'm not posting this here to get a million views on youtube or whatever as I could care less about any of that, I merely made this out of pure love for the series and thought other Bloodites might enjoy my little homage.

Here's a link if you guys want:

You can skip to 1:20 if you want the mandatory creation-time skipped.

If this is inappropriate for this forum because I'm not discussing the actual games and merely tribute to it, then sorry in advance. Hope you guys like it and I hope I didn't break any rules.

Also as stated in the video, this won't be released due to probable copy-right drama. Hope you guys like it anyways.
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I actually think that it would be even cooler if the game started out like that with someone digging to caleb's grave and he rises :)

pretty neat
I love labours of love!
Thanks guys, I've since refined the mod for my own tastes and such and I actually have an outfit that suits him now. Thanks for the comments! Glad you liked it.
outfit.jpg (265 Kb)
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