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Back in the day... Monolith had a Web Ring for Blood called "The Blood Pool"

"A Web Ring is a list of similar websites that link to each other to provide the most comprehensive information on that particular subject. The Blood Pool is our version of a 'web ring'. If you have a website devoted to Blood, or if you have a website that has a Blood section in it, you can join the Blood Pool. By joining, you will become an official member of the Blood Pool Sitelist. Why would you want to sign up? Well, the main reason is recognition. There are plenty of awesome Blood pages out there on the net, and we want everyone who enjoys Blood to have a comprehensive list of the Blood Sites that out there. By having your site linked, you will get a large increase in the hits/traffic on your site. We will send out new & late breaking information to the Blood Pool Members before anyone else knows about it. Basically, you will get more hits, more recognition, more Blood Information, and at the same time you will be part of the Blood Pool! Thank you for continuing to support Blood, we really appreciate it!"

Many of us are aware of a few of the Blood themed websites out there, Postmortem, Deathmask, etc.

The Postmortem
Blood 2 Resurrection
The Blood Wiki

• Polish:
• Russian: Russian Blood Community

Aside from the above, I'm sure there are plenty of sites that fall below the radar that could use some recognition. In the spirit of ye olde webring, if you have a Blood website, or know of one that hasn't been listed, please add to the list!
Post edited December 10, 2010 by DustyStyx
Very nice post, well done

I visit The Postmortem and The Russian Blood Community often myself

Just an interesting fact though, on the Russian Blood forums they sometimes talk about and how it's the best place to buy and enjoy Blood

it warms my heart to see this :)