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Dwayne Anderson's remake for part 1 in the LOI trilogy: Scourge of Humanity, is now officially available for download to the public!

Get it at MODdb:

or Blood Freeminded:

Features of the mod include:

-Twenty eight incredible levels, fourteen of which are brand new and never before seen! Explore new locations such as the Sewage System, Iconoclast Forest, Halls of Lazarus, Ramparts of Fortitude, and the spinechilling Phantom Wood!
-Level design quality is improved, with depth cueing and better lighting!
-Twenty nine new music tracks!
-Dozens of new sounds!
-Due to complaints of long text cutscene times in the original, readable text files are included to chronicle the story and plot. Finishing certain levels displays a message telling you which file to read.
-Extended replayability! Difficulty settings determine number of enemies, locations of keys, special effects, and number of items.
-Features of the Plasma Pak enabled: New enemies, new weapon modes, and new art!
-An estimated five hours of gameplay from start to finish! (for each difficulty)

Secrets : you'll have to find them yourself!
Post edited April 16, 2012 by ILiveAGAIN
Always nice to have more content. :D
Sounds great!
lol I just came here to bemoan that id finally finished Cryptic Passage (plus all the regular episodes) and NEEDED MORE BLOOD!
I'll definately be downloading this :)
anyone knows how to run this mod with gog version of blood?
Best if used with version included in this as it's already barfed and resources/music/sounds merged standalone.
Copy LOISOH.RFF and LOISOH.INI into your One Unit Whole Blood Directory.

Edit or copy and rename dosboxBlood_single.conf (but if you copy and rename then change your copy of shortcut also).

Then do it like this:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.

mount C ".."
imgmount D game.ins -t iso
blood.exe -rff LOISOH.RFF -snd LOISOH.RFF -ini LOISOH.INI

game.ins is for redbook audio but addon has it's own midi (game.gog option)