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Changelog for Patch 2.064 (added 22 June 2016):

- New button for extinguishing fire on ships. During sea battles this option can be used to order your crew to extinguish flames on the ship. While they are busy doing that, they can’t reload cannons or shoot.

- AI getting “stuck” with the player on some of the city locations.
- Optimization for the “Arson ships” mission.
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Changelog for Patch 2.065 (added 23 August 2016) :

- Improved water shader.
- Animated compass during sea battles.
- Redistribution of sail crew upon selling a ship.

- An error with incorrect price for upgrading troops.
- An error with negative balance in the card game.
- Inability to join a faction while possessing its letter of marque.
- Duplication of player’s party upon mooring in some ports.
- An error with guards in the “Ships hijack” mission.
- Bomb quantity after finishing missions from the Suspicious man.
- Some errors in localization.
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Changelog for Patch 2.080 (added 10 January 2018):

- Added new little story campaign
- Added Spanish localization
- Improved optimization