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Finally got this game, I loved Guilty Gear (at least on the ps2) - anyone got any advice for new players, or at least rusty 2D fighter fans who've never played one with a keyboard before (aside from buy a controller)?
The keyboard bindings are relatively simple. If I'm not mistaken Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, and F are for attacks and the arrows are for movement. You can rebind the keys if you want.
To get the hang of it, I suggest checking out the Training Mode first. You'll be able to test out your configuration and character moves without penalty. The training dummy doesn't fight back unless you record actions for it to perform. After you think you have it down, put your knowledge to the test!

Since you've played Guilty Gear, I think you will be able to pick it up rather quickly once you figure out the control scheme. :)