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I am wondering if the pc version of BluzBlue Calamity Trigger allows us to play online against other people and if the GOG version of the game allows to play online?

Is the DRM-Free status of GOG games cancel all the online features?

Thanks for your help (and I apologize for my bad english...)

The GOG version doesn't support online, neither does it on Steam.

There was a retail version that had online but it used GFWL (Games for Windows Live) and speculation runs deep that service is going to be closing possibly in July.
Thanks for your answer, Paratech !
You can try the mod I posted at

It puts GFWL back in to the game, allowing you to play online over that service if you want, provided you have some other serial key from a gfwl game to use to log in with (as this release doesn't include one). I suspect the mod should work similarly with the GOG release, you would just need to change the directory structure accordingly.