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Blasphemous really needs this to be automatical whenever you jump over the ladder.
The game is intense enough, and this additional micro-attention is more of confusion than hardcore.
Nah, it's fine as it is.
It's just about getting the timing right.
I agree, the ladders are way too fiddly. Maybe not necessary needs auto-grab, but more generous with the 'active grabbing area' would be great.
It's a bit unforgiving and the first couple missed grabs can be somewhat frustrating but you get used to it.
All it takes is time and perseverance.
I'm playing with mouse+keyboard and it didn't take long until I had figured out when to press 'Up' and at what position on the ladder. Which may come as a surprise but you have to be centered right between the two stringers to be able to grab on.

Introducing any kind of automation here would severely take away from the challenge. You're supposed to put in some effort.
Post edited September 12, 2019 by smlrfrt
I disagree, it's fine as is.

Autograb would cause more problems, i.e. grabbing nearby ladders when you are in middle of fight with no intention to stop in place and get hit. Had this very same debate in Death's gambit, feels like dejavu.

When you jump and want to grab the ledge or ladder, just keep holding the UP direction. That's it, at least on the casual gamepad.