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Sup guys, since GOG launched the game I thought about reinstalling my old copy. I never had a good PC to run the game so I never played it until now even after all these years LOL.

Anyway, i'm having a hard time figuring out how to attack properly.

I don't know how to use the North Cross (the attack from the Warrior/Knight) i.e.

It says Attack+Down, Up

I try LMB+Down then Up / Down, Up, LMB /

And pressing all the buttons together is the same that work SOMETIMES


But most tries only result in 180° turn.

I really don't know how to read the command list and I'm a fightning game player, don't have any problems with that. :c
So what yo do there is press back and attack (standard move you learn during the tutorial) and as the move starts press just forward on its own to essentially chain the next attack.
When there is a plus sign between keys it means you need to chain the presses. If there is no space between presses it means those keys need to be pressed simultaneously.

So the north cross for the knight is performed by first pressing attack(lmb) then while the attack is executed press the up and down key SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Back attack is performed by pressing left back and right simultaneously.

Speed kill is performed by first pressing attack and right simultaneously and then while that move is performed press attack and right again simultaneously.


Now I get it.

In fighting games I'm accostumed to "+" meaning press at the same time. In example: "Low Punch+Mid Punch". That's what confused me.

Chaining is usually done with "," after movements.

But now I get. Thanks a lot for the help :)
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