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Hello dear GOG fellows! Is this game comparable to Die By The Sword? I loved that game back then. Brutal and dark atmosphere and brutal uncompromising fights. Loosing your heroes arm or leg was kind of disturbing for when I was young.

But I've never heard of that one before but the description shows similarity. Any advice on this one?
Blade of Darkness has much better controls/camera IMO, but you might miss some of the freedom if you'd come to grips with the weird system Die by the Sword was using.

But yes, it's reasonably dark-fantasy themed and the characters can be hacked to pieces if that's what you're looking for.
Well, thank you, I got it now :)
I never got into the precise yet extremely clunky controls of 'Die by the Sword'. This game however also has precise controls, but these controls come very natural to anyone who has played a 3d game before. The Souls games have been compared to this un and with good reason, easy to learn, hard to master. This game will give you a beating untill you start to master the moves. In all honesty, I think the controls in this game are a true marvel, given the time in which the game was made.