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It wont' let me save the game anymore unless I delete some saves
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If you installed the game in the default way, you should be able to find your saves (if you are running Win 7), under C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Saved Games/Blackwell etc. OR just go to libraries/Saved Games (again if running Win 7).

That's where mine show up in 4 folders, one for each game. You can copy them and back them up on another part of your hard drive and then delete some in the original folders to free up space.

Just curious.... which game is it for and how many saved games do you have? I didn't know there was a limit and I've saved quite a lot myself in the later games.
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I experienced something similar within the first three of the series. If you want to create a new save and not just overwriting your previous one, quit and restart the application. Due to a restart you definitely have the opportunity to save to a new savegame slot.