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is the game any good is it worth the money too play it?
Depends on what you are looking for into a game. It's an indie classic. In this bundle you get 4 games into one. Though the first two are relatively short, the latter ones are a lot longer. The music is great, the story is very well written and the game sets a good mood. The characters are very likeable and well written and performed. I really enjoyed it the series and I'm very anxious to play the next game in the series. I think my girlfriend and I beat it in 4 days of playing it all day long.

Also I believe there is a playable demo available on the website of the developer if you're still unsure
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I purchased it in recent promo and already feel like a cheapskate, lol. I played only a bit but it's polished so far.
I guess I'll have to redeem myself by buying a full-priced copy for a friend.

EDIT: Finished the bundle and liked it. I'm definitely going to look out for Wadjet Eye games. And I also redeemed myself :).
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Mivas: I purchased it in recent promo and already feel like a cheapskate, lol. I played only a bit but it's polished so far.
I guess I'll have to redeem myself by buying a full-priced copy for a friend.
I also bought it in the promo and have been playing it since fixing the compatibility issue.

I can't speak for the overall quality as I've just started it, but as Senteria mentioned, the music is great and the story has already done a decent job of setting the mood. For $1.29? I feel like a bandit.
I picked this up on a promo as well. If you are a fan of the point-and-click adventure genre, don’t miss it. It’s surprisingly good. I finished the first game, Blackwell Legacy, and am ready for the second. The puzzles are not overly hard. The addition of the notebook to piece together clues is nice. It has a little bonus content in the form of blooper reels and commentary. The story is very well written. I would put it above some of the sierra games from back in the day. The voice acting is not top notch and a few times the voice didn’t match up with what the text was. Not a game changer by any means. Get this game if you have the scratch, you won’t regret it.
I absolutely loved these games. If you like point and click adventure, you cannot go wrong.

The games also have commentary mode and achievements! I don't remember which one but one of the games there is an achievement for finishing the game before you (in-game character) smoke two packs of cigarettes :0)
kmja: is the game any good is it worth the money too play it?
They're not good, they're great.
The setting, storytelling, music, voice-acting, atmosphere...They're very unique games with solid scenarios and real passion behind them.
They're not quite as polished as some newer releases by Wadjet Eye Games like Resonance or Primordia but nonetheless have great qualities.
Pretty low price too, i guarantee you won't be disappointed if you enjoy adventure/point and click games...
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NEVER buy a game without trying it first when there are demos available, no matter what other people tell you about it. (I've made this mistake too many times.) There are one hour trials available for at least the first three parts.
Just finished the last installment.

I haven't played tons of adventure games (I'm more of an enthusiast for the genre than a die-hard fan), but this series is the best I've played so far.

It completely drew me in.

Now, I'll definitely have to play their other games (Resonance and Gemini Rue).
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I have mixed feelings about that series. Just completed the two first installments and... well, I felt nothing about those games.

Don't get me wrong, they are not bad games, not at all. Technically, they are even surprisingly good for indie games.

But the stories, the characters... nah, they just didn't click for me. I guess I'm not in the right kind of mood for that series, that's all.

I'll still play the two last games, because despite not overly enjoying them, I still want to complete them and clear a little bit of my backlog ^_^
Just finished all of the games in the bundle and I really liked it. The stories were poignant and engaging, particularly in the first two games and the characters really suck you in with well written dialogue and great voice acting. The graphical style does change subtly over time leading to a rather jarring large change in the character design of the fourth game which I could have done without. The puzzles are pretty simplistic, which I don't think is a bad thing as most solutions make sense and keep the games moving along, as with the graphics there are a few small changes to gameplay throughout the series.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter when its released later this year.
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They are quite nice, especially if you like point-and-click.

One of the main difference between blackwell series and some other classical point-and-click, especially monkey island 1+2, dott etc., is that instead of action+item to progress the storyline, you would manipulate information/clue.

For instance, in monkey island you might "use monkey on gear" to make something happen or get new items to be used somewhere else, but in blackwell you would mention certain information to someone to gain more information, to be used perhaps in another conversation.
Like goplanet said, I wouldn't recommend buying any game without trying it first, unless you have no way to do so. If you come in here (Blackwell section of GOG forums) asking whether the games are good, or not, you'll probably only read biased opinions praising the games, when it's actually and always a matter of perspective and what you think is good or bad and, ultimately, what you want from a game. I would say you shouldn't let others decide for you. Blackwell is a great series of games if you have a craving for old-school point & click adventure games, such as those made famous by Sierra, LucasArts and the early Revolution titles. They're not long games, but neither of them is as short as one might think, at first, given all that's been said. The story is amazing, if you're into that kind of thing, but it isn't particularly deep or extremely thought-provoking (check two other Wadjet Eye published titles, Resonance and the superb Primordia, for comparison). There's humor, and it's pretty decent, but don't expect the kind of quality humor like you find in Monkey Island, Broken Sword or Grim Fandango. Gameplay is pretty standard p&c, though adding notes for you to mix and immerse yourself in the investigations is a nice touch. The retro styled presentation is lovely and extremely polished, something all of us that have been keeping up with Wadjet Eye's games had come to expect -- the games look really great but, again, I'm not sure whether this retro approach is your cup of tea, or not (nothing wrong if it isn't, we all look for different things, and that's more than fine). The voice acting gets the job done, but it's nothing to write home about -- although I'd have to say Abe Goldfarb is amazing and clearly stands out. The music... oh, god, the music! To be honest, I found the soundtrack to be pretty mediocre, and was glad that I could turn the music off entirely by Blackwell Deception, something I immediately did; the exception being Unbound, since they went for a more "jazzy" approach, and it's the one game in the series whose soundtrack not only isn't bad, it's actually top notch.

As you can see, opinions do differ, so try the games for yourself first.
So did you ever end up playing it and did you enjoy it?