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I noticed something... odd during a playthrough. I read the handwritten notes in Bobby Yale's medical report, and the text is a brief description of Professor Xavier of the X-Men. I've attached an image. The text reads:

Xavier is member[sic] of a subspecies of humans known as mutants,
who are born with superhuman abilities
The founder of the [???], he is and exceptionally powerful telepath
Past History
From a social policy and philosophical perspective
He deeply resents the violent methods of those like his former close friend
and occasional enemy
Physical Findings
His goals are to promote the peaceful affirmation of mutant rights
to mediate the co-existence of mutants and humans, to protect mutants
from violent humans, and to protect society from antagonistic mutants,
his old friend, Magneto. To achieve these aims, he founded
for gifted Youngsters (later named the Xavier Institute) to teach
control their powers. His first group of students was the original

Portions of the text seem to have been lifted from a Wikipedia article. I just found this kind of odd and a little amusing.

Edit: Having trouble posting the image.
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