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I have a game breaking bug which doesn't allow me to progress.
When I am at the cemetery and check the Chinese food container on the ground near the tree, it doesn't trigger the sequence where Blacksad should look into the branches.
All brain conclusions are solved. And I picked up the baseball near the tomb stone.
I am really enjoying the game.
Can you please fix it?

I am on Macbook Pro. Apple M1 Pro. Ventura 13.1
Post edited February 11, 2023 by polecat1
Hey, maybe you're missing here the exploration of the tomb with the angel?
I think that interacting with this tomb, checking the Chinese food, and finding the little baseball should trigger the sequence! :D
Thank you so much!
You are absolutely. I was missing the angel.
It is such a great game!
I am playing it to improve my Spanish, but then eventually I will think I will replay it in other languages too.