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Hello everyone,

A new patch for Blacksad is available!
Here are the details!

Fixes freezes when Blacksad walks or when players perform actions
• The game can now be launched properly if the Xbox One Gamepad is already used
• Fixes a crash that would happen when players use the Deduction Menu during a loading screen
• Pressing buttons during loading screens don’t create bugs anymore
• Fixes a bug during the loading screen in the car while players are pressing RB multiple times
• Fixes the bug encountered when players open the Menu while Blacksad is on the phone
• Fixes a bug that would happen when John refuses to take Sonia’s case
• The catsense is now properly displayed when players try to shoot the sniper

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on this update!
The latest patch seems to have resolved a few lingering issues I had. Getting the "Make Every Deduction" achievement in particular. I think I found a new bug, though. After the intro scene in Blacksad's office, there's a tracking shot of the street before you enter Dunn's gym. The framerate drops *way* down. Like a single frame every few seconds. I've replayed this scene twice since the patch and it keeps having the same problem

There's also an unresolved issue with information that you haven't learned yet appearing in the notebook after the scene in the hospital (e.g. Craig Spannow's name shows up before you learn of him).
wow..! I still have this game on my "maybe list"..
Blacksad was launched in November 14, 2019 and the developer is still struggling with bugs..!!
At least they try to do something..
oh well.... I'll check next year.... who knows...
I just bought Blacksad here at GOG and can't wait to play it! I wonder if in the future the game can be translated into Brazilian Portuguese.

Thank you very much and congratulations for the work!
@ Patias : don't count on it !
The studios is struggling to patch the game since day one. I don't think they will translate the game in Portuguese.
But if there is a fan translation, one day... who knows ???