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So i have made it to the point where letter with Ring was delivered to miss Dunn's gym.

not having studied the Waitress / cleaning lady Mary's handwriting in the Diner, because i did not expect blackout 3/4 through, i had to come back to that point as it is necessary to progress. (solution could be to just have a purchase confirming item in the inventory Blacksad could study).

I loaded appropriate chapter (get the burger) to alter that on bit and .... sat through several times the bloody cutscene i saw, not haivng dialogue skip... i was not happy.
On top of that once i got the sences bit done now with handwriting game outright refused to load more recent chapter. either the latest or penultimate in saves reel - you know whe one i want to use it on.
it merely keeps reloading the burger save, or when i progressed past the interview with bum that point. no matter what i choose in the reel.

what is going on with the game and can someone help please?
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