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high rated
Dear players and GOG community,
it was over than one year ago, when I promised on Steam discussion that we will update the game BLACKHOLE also here on, it was very hard to do so for many reasons which i tried to explain in the sub-forums here. Main reason to postpone it was because there are little or no changes in the game between version you had available previously (1.7) and what is available now (1.10).

The newest patch for the game is now available for everyone using Windows and MacOS. Linux version is coming soon! That's because, we need GOG staff admins help us deploy Linux version, we can't use their dev-portal to push Linux outside the Build Creator.

Right now, as this update rather update the version number to be same with Steam version, it should also improve the stability and performance issues with the game - as new builds are using newer version of libraries. You should always play BLACKHOLE with newest GPU drivers available and Windows or MacOS version available.

Of course, you can always contact us here using this Community Discussions, or you can contact us directly using or even me personally on

The feedback from players & community is the most precious thing to our studio, and I understand frustration with different version builds - but the DRM-FREE GOG.COM version is not the same as the version on Steam. Steam has different service and different integration. So, some specific things - like custom controller settings (icons / layout setups) for Steam controller are not part of the GOG version.

But the game itself is fully playable from start to end with the same content and with full story experience regardless the store you choose.

We really hope you will enjoy the BLACKHOLE now without any reason to be upset for version number.

Here are the changes coming with 1.10:
- Added functionality which will copy your original profile when entering into Easy Mode - that way, you can switch back later without losing your progress
- Now instead of text representation, you will see actual icons on selected controller in options menu
- Fixed minor bug causing that controller's vibration function continues indefinitely (very unlikely event)
- Fixed spacing in subtitles for all languages
- Fixed UI scaling for 4K resolution displays

Thank you for your patience with us and we want to thank you for all of your reviews and all the reported bugs. We are looking forward to hearing how you'll like the update :).

Have a great day,
Filip Kraucher