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Has anybody read the comic books on which the game is based on? What is your opinion on them, how did you like them? I just lend and read the first book (in german: Chroniken des Schwarzen Mondes: 1 Das Zeichen der Schatten).

Personally I was suprised of the great drawing: Big battles with tons of details, great Characters.
The story is OK, very light, seems to be aimed at a younger audience (although being quite brutal and sexy). I especially liked the humor which is I think not very typical for such a dark fantasy story.

I'm interested in your opinios and thoughts!
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Sadly I wish I had read them. But they are hard to get from where I am. Mostly, I heard they are pretty nice and get's better, because this was the first comic for the authors. And it... does get darker, I belive, so I'm not so sure about that audience.

You are lucky you have them. :(
I remember that once upon a time I've read fan translation (it wasn't officially translated on english language, as far as I know) and I've got to admit, that I've quite liked it. Sometimes it became a bit too naturalistic (in my opinion), but other than that - it's a great thing for every fan of Black Moon Chronicles. There was explained origin of Wismerhill's armor and fire sword (which was completely skipped in game) and many, many other interesting details (not to mention that Wismerhill's fate was presented there in more "complex" way) . By the way - one of the special missions, Tragedy in Dys, was strictly based on evidence from comic.

Oh, and don't forget about such attractions as seeing Fratus without cowl :) Sadly, there were translated only about... 4, maybe 5 issues? That's a real shame, that you can barely "touch" this universe with game, since comic is rather hard to get (not to mention about language barriers).
HI! 3 years later, sorry^^

I'm french and I got them all, great BDs (not comics^^)

In geek french circles, it's very well known, as the writer(François marcela-froideval) is one of the creator of "casus belli", N°1 roleplaying games magazine in france (with backstab, but it's not french I think) and the creator of the term "grosbill" (aka. munchkin in english).

And I think (but i'm not sure) that it was the campaign he played when he wrote the BD (ok I'll say comics :) ) when he invented "grosbill", because wismerhill is, in fact, a grosbill.And I'm pretty sure it was a warhammer campaign, but he changed some names in the comics (rights and so)

About the drawer(?) of the first 5 books, Olivier Ledroit, he still draw comics, for example "requiem", wich i believe is easily findable in english, cause the scenarist is pat mills (comics writer), if you wanna see some of his job.the other one is clearly a level blow, so i won't develop

Now about the comics, it's great, lots of huge battles (that's why the game as some huge number of units), a lot of epic things and some humor in this (and sex too, but hey, it's fantasy for adults)

It's a real shame that it's not translated, i didn't know that, so sorry for you.

If you want to more informations, ask I'll try to answer.