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Hello everyone.
I've started playing BM1 (2003) today but quickly had to abandon it because of an annoying graphical bug : everything that can appear outside the main game window (basically the black bands on top and on bottom) stay perfectly visible until I change screen. For example, subtitles overlap (with the last sentence being on top thankfully), I keep getting duplicates of the cursor every time I linger on the inventory... Basically, the informations displayed don't disappear of the screen until I move Samuel to another location.
Anyone had that ? How can I fix it ?
FYI, I'm playing on the french version. Don't know if this has something to do with it.
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Hi. It's probably not relevant to you anymore, but one thing you could do is to check "Bilinear blit stretch" in dgVoodoo wrapper on the DirectX tab. This way the visual glitches you mentioned are less pronounced and the game graphics are much less pixelated (if they were before, depends on your scaling mode)

Also launching the game on an integrated graphics card helps.
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