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The game worked fine in Windows 10, but in W11 (at least for me) it's unplayable because most of the screen is hidden behind pink boxes.

Any ideas?
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Found the solution elsewhere and I'll copy and post it here:

Folks, the GOG Support team have provided me with the solution and it works! Happy to share it below:

Please download the files from the link below and copy all 3 of them into the game's folder:

- If the game was installed via GALAXY, please select the game in GALAXY, click on the icon on the right side of the PLAY button -> Manage Installation -> Show Folder
- If the game was installed via offline installer, then you will have to manually navigate to the game installation folder, by default it's: C:\GOG Games\game-title\
psadler: Found the solution elsewhere....
Nice.....I recently moved this game to Win11 and got the same problem, but the files you linked helped immensely :)
addition: seems I spoke too soon. It works, but now the screen is completely black whenever I load or start a game :|
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I grabbed the x3 files from the DropBox location listed above and it fixed all the pink artefacts (aka 'boxes') that were cluttering the screen. Thanks for posting and thanks to the GOG Support team for following up!