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Changelog for Patch 44.1 (10 December 2019):

- Crash on the epilepsy warning screen has been fixed.
- Players no longer dash when closing the mini map.
- Fixed stability when a hunter spawns in the Runnels secret room.
- The map generator will now only place singular/unique rooms once instead of many times.
- Advancing dialog with button presses now works better (doesn't go to the next dialog).
- Fixed cases where the death screen is broken and unresponsive while using Mouse + Keyboard.
- Co-op: Fixed the bug where the player sometimes got stuck in the floors when entering a room.
- Improved general stability and performance.
- Players are now able to co-op together while using a single gamepad and mouse + keyboard.
- Co-op players now no longer get stuck in buff/store menus when one player is on a gamepad.
- Debug commands that let Twitch Chat send free stuff to players have been removed (sorry!)
- Certain edge cases around voting for options via Twitch Chat no longer lock the game.
- Crash on the epilepsy warning screen has been fixed.

- The Death Screen clearly displays when the max level is reached.
- Saving Grace procs less often (70% -> 30%)
- Heavy Needler now has a bespoke Maximum Ammo (25) instead of using the default (150)

Standalone installer not updated.

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Changelog for Patch 45.3 (13 February 2020/ added 15 February 2020):

We've read your content suggestions in the forum thread here and in Discord. Now from the twisted mind of Super Scary Snakes, we introduce the Heavy Culture Update.

About the Heavy Culture update
- This update focuses on more time-based mechanics. The big feature is that the timebank has been changed to not cost health, but to allow the player to grow a deadlock culture that takes some time to grow. Example: Iota Culture costs 4 minutes to start, and it will take 6 minutes to grow, but upon collecting it it will give the player 5 minutes back. This gives players more ability to invest in their late game at an early point in the run, and also alows more players to feel the joy of time pressure. Players must pick up their culture from a different fixture that started it.
- Players can now sometimes find the Tower Hacker in the tower next to the P.E.R.X. stations. She costs money to interact with, and she costs more money each time you talk to her in that run. She'll hack the P.E.R.X. station to hack buffs away from skymelt, but doing so means the P.E.R.X. can't be used for player buffs.

New Content!
Deadly Cultures:
- Alpha Culture- Costs:2m, Grow Time: 3m, Total Yield: 110%
- Beta Culture- Costs:8m, Ggrow Time: 6m, Total Yield: 125%
- Tau Culture- Costs:4m, Grow Time: 3m, Total Yield: 120%
- Iota Culture- Costs:4m, Grow Time: 6m, Total Yield: 125%
- Gamma Culture- Costs:1m, Grow Time: 1m, Total Yield: 100%
- Omega Culture- Costs 14m(!!!), Grow Time: 2m, Total Yield: 120%

- Rail Spike- New melee weapon type, does more damage at the tip.
- Ceramic Spike- A breakable version of the rail spike
- Blak Spike- A Rail Spike weapon that costs time to use, but gives time refunds when striking enemies with the tip.
- Stasis Spike- A stasis version of the rail spike that stuns enemies hit by the tip.

General Buffs:
- Pristine Touch Buff- Get from P.E.R.X., get time back from killing cursed enemies, can't pick up cursed weapons anymore.
- Bad Blood Buff- Get from the Cursed Survivor, get time back on kills when you have a blood infection

Tower Upgrades:
- Hot Money. Hot enemies and enemies killed with hot weapons OR explosions will drop hot money. Hot Money doesn't auto attract to the player but does 1pt of damage if you touch it. Hot money takes a second to cool down at which point it turns into regular money.
- Unstable Portals. Cursed portals will now take damage. After a certain threshold they explode, cursing all the enemies in the room and the player.

- Many new rooms added to every zone.
- New Music- Oh Shadow
- New Music- Young Miranda

Quality of Life!
- More communicative effect when weapons break
- Adding an effect when deadlock time is absorbed via combat
- Seagrist max ammo reduced slightly for balance.

Bug Fixes!
- Ground snipers have the correct gravity now
- Fixes to the twitch integration which wasn't gracefully handling bad usernames, which could oftentimes break the game.
- Hunter Zero should appear now, fixing the achievement "NOW JUST PLAIN ZERO"

Standalone installer updated (0.43.8 ⇒ 0.45.3): 15 February 2020.
Changelog for Patch 45.6 (20 April 2020):

- Level cap extended to 75
- New Weapon: The Big Brother Macro-doser. A slower but heavier grenade repeater.
- New Weapon: Thick Repeater: A heavy melee weapon that will reap through enemies when you hit a stasis'd (that's a word now) target.
- New Buff: Fever Dream: Regain deadlock time when killing enemies while at high combo levels
- New Tower Buff: Austerity Measures- Tower Wardens no longer drop health and ammo packs

Standalone installer updated: 0.45.3 ⇒ 0.45.6.
The game won't let me past the 'epilipsy warning screen' no keyboard key work. I do alt-tab and i se the screen that shows programs I can switch but when I select one I'm back to the epilipsy screen.

On the lower right of the screen I cansee an A like on my xbox game pad but pressing A on my game pad (or any other button(s) does anything).

I actaully had to ctrl-alt-delete and restart my machine.

What can be done about this?