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I just wanted to post this here, as i saw some reviews telling that this game was not what they expected. I'll copy-paste the developer's Steam post.

"Freebird Games' purchasing policy
Hi all, just trying to make this more visible for those who aren't familiar yet:

Simply, as with all games from Freebird, there's a 100% no-questions-asked refund policy if you regretted your purchase in any way, even if it just happens to not be your cup of tea. You can email me at kan<at>freebirdgames<dot>com with a receipt and I'll get it done personally.

While I do definitely stand with things that I make, part of the reason for this too is because these games can be a bit odd as far as expectations go, especially to folks who aren't familiar with the kind of games I make. So I hope this'll also make it more accessible and less of a risk for those curious.

So that's that -- Cheers guys, and thanks for your time!


The refunds are handled by him, personally, no Steam/GOG involved. You just send out the receipt and he'll provide the refund for you. I personally have a great amount of admiration for him doing this. It takes courage. These kind of games became a thing in last few years and, most of the times, you are not getting enough information about the game. Not the case with Freebird, they always provided full info regarding how the games play, that they are non-combat story-driven "experiences" more than anything.