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2 is a complete stinker! Be it the original, or the remastered. Freezes? Crashes? Saved games turning corrupted, right after trying to save and a crash occurs?

2K is a widely acclaimed brand, its games, especially Bioshocks, garnered critical success and are widely praised among gamers, etc. What the actual F_? In what sorry state did they actually deliver their products? Those are old issues, Steam forums in older days are full with issues, suggested workarounds (tampering with inis and various settings), etc. Couldn't they patch their abominations or something? Offer an official fix? After all those years, simply DO something about their... Almost AMATEUR performance; concerning the state and stability of those games? Not even their GOG version works in an acceptable state???

Remastered 2 is a TOTAL mess! Third level is a stinky gamestopper always, no matter whatever you do! It is ALWAYS going to crash, right before the end of the level and no matter whatever you do, your saves are going to be corrupted, without fail! Normal 2 also crashes, especially at the fourth level onwards. While some suggested solutions, mention backing up your saves, saving only at the beginning one a stage etc, this isn't humanely possible, since Pauper's Drop onwards (that research also kicks in), you have to do COUNTLESS things, impossible to be completed in one go, or repeat all of them again, right after a smelly, poopy crash!

Shall i open a ticket to game support or something? GOG won't be able to do something, since it is the games' fault and not the operating system 's, correct? Anybody has any solutions? My other thread remained unanswered. Need some help, for chrissake. Story is great, gameplay is satisfying, game art is catchy, theme is captivating, but thing is UNPLAYABLE due to sh_y techical issues!
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Or it might be a video car problem? it's not like the game or the OS are the only two possiblties.
And send a ticket to GOG Support> What have you got to lose?
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