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I'd like to know if the Remastered editions of Bioshock and Bioshock 2 contain the EAX soundtrack and if it actually works on Windows 7.
EAX is available for the first game. It needs to be set through an .ini tweak though. As to whether it runs on Windows 7, that I cannot answer.
I though that EAX sound was disabled since DirectX10 (Windows 7). In fact, Creative included ALchemy to emulate EAX in old games.
22raider: I though that EAX sound was disabled since DirectX10 (Windows 7).
You're not wrong.

EAX is still available in the remaster of the first game though -
Thanks or answering. If EAX is missing from Bioshock 2 Remastered, which is a shame, I'll wait with playing until the original release becomes available and play that then. I'm not a fan of remasters anyway.

@22raider: I know about all that, but ALchemy isn't emulation but translating DirectSound3D EAX calls to OpenAL. At least the first Bioshock though did EAX natively via OpenAL.
A handy tid-bit of help in case anyone needs it. If you don't have a dedicated sound card capable of EAX/EAX Emulation you can emulate it in software via OpenAlSoft (Not to be confused with OpenAL which is hardware reliant.). Additonally, Alchemy as far as I can remember is a 16bit application and won't run under windows10, could be wrong on that one though.

Just in case anyone was having any issues related to this information.
Alchemy runs fine in W10.
I tested and EAX is not in the remastered edition at all, even when you ping the EAX option on. The original version relied on OpenAl32.dll to be in your directory and switching it to OpenAL in the config. I tried that and even with the file in the same directory as the exe, there is no sound at all.

Unless someone can redirect the exe to detect it or figure out any missing files that it needs, the remastered edition is stuck without EAX until GOG puts the vanilla version up.