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Hi everyone,

tried to start Bioshock 1 to see if the game is still as great as it used to be when I played it first :)

Unfortunately I did not get far. When entering the bathysphere I see the propaganda video of Andrew Ryan and the opening sequence of Rapture, but I cannot hear the dialogue of Atlas and his lackey discussing my arrival - I remember it though from the past, and I see the subtitles.

After the loading screen there should be the docking sequence where this lackey is murdered by the first splicer - but again I only see the dialogue subtitles, the actual characters are frozen and just stand there doing nothing. And so am I because no further event is triggered and I therefore cannot kindly pick up the radio...

Did anyone else encounter this effect? And if so,is there any solution?

To be more specific: I waited until the subtitles of this sequence disappeared. Then the characters even started to move - but without sound. I enjoyed a grotesque silent movie version of Bioshock until the splicer attack sequence at the bathysphere was over. Then there was the first incoming call of Atlas - again without any sound - and *then* I was completly stuck and could not pick up the radio.

Maybe it has something to do with the sound playback in combination with the scripting? To be honest I have no clue.

Regards and thanks
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