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Great to have them finally available.
IronArcturus: Does anyone know if the original Bioshock 2 will have Minerva's Den?
DLCs are included. :)
takezodunmer2005: C'mon gog I want to delete my steam version as this needs to go into my de-steamed pile already! :)
Tarhiel: Maybe there are some technical implementing Galaxy API hiccups (Cloud saves, achievements) and that´s why it takes so long.
Ah well, no matter now gog brought 'em over! Now my steam account's a little bit lighter now, only 300+ more games to go to fill up my 679 gog library!
CardiacShotgun: And it's been confirmed, to no real suprise, but perhaps to a few people's disappointment, the the multiplayer is absent from Bioshock 2. In my opinion nothing lost, especially since you couldn't change the FOV, but everyone has their preferences. Stil excited to get a DRM free Biopshock 2 though.
Do you know if bioshock 2 online is still up? Also does the original have gog achievements?
Yes original Bioshock 2 have achievements.
Multiplayer is completly removed together with multiplayer achievements in GOG version.
Multiplayer is still up and working in Steam version...
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Hi i creating installer with polish translations for GOG Bioshock series and i need to know ID game for BioShock 1 and 2 classic version. I know that for example to BioShock Remastered ID is 1439656515. If someone have access to classic 1,2 can i please download and check?

To check this, install classic versions and in registry check path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\\Games\ID_game.