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Figured i should start this. First time i started playing this i ended up killing off two of my exo's on my first mission, with no real help to guide me on what to do or how to play.

But here i will try to help and assist in how to get into the game and play. I'm no expert, but i've played rouge-likes before and basic strategy doesn't change, but having a little know how goes a long ways.

Perhaps this would be better if explained via a youtube video, but i'll break it down and do multiple posts until i fill out all the basics as a tutorial. Here's a down and dirty explanation/tutorial.

You have 4 exo suits. Each suit has it's own equipment layout, and it's own strengths and weaknesses. Quite often the weapon slots and what it's inclined to do will help you determine how you build it. The science exo has more computer slots while the siege has more weapons. Etc. You aren't dead until the 50 days are up, but if you lose all 4 suits you lose the mission (and i think your base gets under attack). The more suits that survive the mission, the more bonus loot you get afterwards (1 for each suit).

Changing suits takes a turn. If you just got noticed by an enemy (say you entered a room and there's 10 of them) you can usually use the stealth system, you could then in theory switch to another suit more suited for sneaking.

Stealth can be quite handy, but only the Ninja can take full advantage of it, if you shoot while in stealth (not the Ninja) that sub-system will break and you can't use it anymore. Also it's a toggle on/off, and affects the rest of your turn. If you don't turn it off when it's unneeded your stealth will whittle away til it's gone.

Traps: These include mines and trip wires. If your trap skill is higher or equal to the trap level, you will avoid it, otherwise you'll take damage.

Forced attacking: Shift will make you attack a square even if it has a friendly unit or empty square. For AOE weapons like rocket launchers, this can let you target the center of a group and hit the group more effectively.

Weapon Orientation: My experience shows there are some weapons that don't just do circular AOE, like the arc welder. If you hold Control it will rotate.

Suits and basic strategies:

Assault: Has light machine gun, Grenade launcher and maybe a laser rifle. Has the most ammo and probably the most shields. Just shoot your enemies...

Siege: Much like Assault, except has a rocket launcher that does large AOE. Good for clearing rooms in a hurry. Rockets are limited so use with caution.

Ninja: Immune to AOE damage, so you can stand next to a gas tank happily and explode it or be near explosions. This can save your life. Use the welder to take out nearby enemies that are bunched together, or attack around corners. Also use the welder to take out false walls.

Science: Laser Rifle & Pistol. Pistol's crap and doesn't take a round to use (and takes 3 rounds before you can fire again), good for hitting random obstacles from a distance or for disabling movement of a bot. Upgrade the Laser Rifle to have extended range of 8+ and you become a sniper. But his true strength, is opening doors that require hacking letting you get loot!

Setting Traps:
If you have turrets or bombs, you can lay down a path ahead of time and then whistle out for enemies to come to you. Depending on the area they may stumble into nearby mines anyways and blow up. Setting up 3 turrets will render almost anything (and almost any group) dead, probably even bosses. If however they are taken out with a huge AOE they might be less useful. If you lay mines, remember you can set them off too...

Using viruses you can reprogram your enemies. Don't count on them to be helpful, some of them will blow up the nearest crate with a bomb! On the other hand halfway decent ones can make decent allies, or decoys.

The first levels: Getting your feet wet!

I recommend starting with the basic group and first character offered. Upgrade the Science with chips when you can to push the hacking up as high as possible. Use the Ninja as your main bot, and upgrade the light machine gun, it will probably mow down most of your enemies with ease while granting you immunity to AOE effects. Also raise the trap stat to at least 3 ASAP. Use the Siege to clear larger rooms (5+ bots) at a time, otherwise stick with the Ninja.

The first mission do a roadblock. Few enemies, lots of mines, fairly easy. Once you are familiar you can expand and try to deal with more normal missions. Ignore assassination, chase and other 'difficult' missions until later.

you'll notice your scanner will give you information of the nearby surroundings, even if you can't see.

Blue: Obstacles, harmless to destroy unless the level warns you they are armed with explosives!
Yellow: Enemies, they haven't noticed you and won't attack or move.
Red: Enemies, aware of your presence and are actively hunting you.
Red Circles/dots: These are mines.
White: Either electrified floors (Assassination missions i found) or explosive runes. Safe to walk on as long as you don't use something to set them off.
Green: Loot, or some type of item that is probably in your interest to make use of (like a chest full of ammo). If they are blue when you are in range, it's loot. If it's red it's probably some type of temporary buff or exp-affecting ability.
Orange: The exit/waypoint out. Just walk over it (if your mission objectives are completed)

In the lower left of your screen there will be 4 buttons, one shows your character, above it is your mission objectives (if there's a number it's probably how many enemies or generators you need to destroy).

Terminals: Some do you good, and other times they screw with you like taking all your ammo. Once you've used/identified one, you will see it's description next time you see the same type.

Between Missions:
You'll get notifications of changes, final level bots getting upgraded or their numbers. After missions go customize your exo's, the new items will have a big NEW text over the top of them. Upgrading takes almost more time than missions to try and optimize and upgrade gear.
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+1 for this useful and helpful contribution!

My playthrough of Bionic Dues is on currently on halt as I have too many other games in progress but I played this for a couple hours a while ago. If I continue and run into problems, I'll be happy to check out your tips again, anyway this is a great post for new players so thanks a bunch.

Currently i get annoyed on normal or hard since i do an attack that SHOULD kill off the enemy, it doesn't, then the enemy (batbot) usually does enough in an attack to destroy one of my four exos... usually my science exo, meaning i can't get more loot later... :(

Course i'm like 2-3 missions in when we're particularly weak, but if i fail i want to fail because i did something stupid, not because the RNG issue, or they have 401 hitpoints while my grenade launcher does 400... (Yes this has happened)

I haven't looked at the other 2 mechs or their weapons/slots yet so i can't give opinions on them, but the default 4 are good enough if you set them up right...

Actually on normal/hard i'm finding the pistol on the science exo invaluable. Hit them so they can't move, back out of range with the same turn, switch to assault, hit them 4-6 times with lesser machine gun... boom... rinse and repeat...