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$5 is a small price for this very good game (gamers, you can buy it full price..).

The main flaw is the UI, not very readable, with problems in scaling, contrast/light, fonts, windows border, ...
_ fonts should be bolded or, at least, in Customization,
make the green lighter to the power usage be readable in left bottom corner in the dark blue,
make the dark gray weapons title fonts lighter here, too
and in top right, there is maybe the problem of the name of selected part (Shields?) is unreadable grayed like the non-selected others. This is here a bug, not a badly configured font
(the fonts files seems being in \RuntimeData\Images\GUI\BitmapFonts, but I don't know what and how to change)
_ make borders to black filter window, so we don't use one slider instead of other when they cross
_ in tactic window, please make more contrast, or more light, so we can see better the walls on the floors (which are too dark too: we can't make differences between them).
_ not a real problem, but I have to note: I have a -small- Full HD monitor, but the game IU screen is not made scaling (the game seems made for smaller resolutions), so I must play 1366*768 (made fullscreen) instead of 1920*1080, as the Customization (at least) window is still small (not fitting the screen) in big resolution.

A screenshot is better to describe, about Customization screen:
(EDIT: in my screen in top right I didn't underlign red the good titles: must be Shields instead of others)
Post edited May 24, 2014 by ERISS