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Good evening,

I have run onto an issue with Bioforge. I reach the reactor room, after having disposed of the bot, and I managed to both kill the alien (deactivating bridge), pull both levers down and input the right code, deactivating the reactor. I get the cinematic with the core stabilizing into a yellow sphere.

But, despite telling me that the imminent threat has been nullified, the countdown continues. and eventually I get the other cinematic as well, with the core exploding.

I tried restarting the PC, restarting the game, reloading an earlier save and even increasing/decreasing the cores of the CPU, but have had no success.

Has anyone encountered the bug? Does anyone have any saved games immediately after the reactor shutdown, so I can continue the game?

Thank you.
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I haven't got a savegame for you, though I wonder if this bug has something to do with the Dosbox settings.
Maybe setting lower cpu cycles helps or exchanging de the dos4gw with dos32a (if it uses it).
I said decreasing the cores of the CPU when I wanted to say decreased the cycles of the CPU. I am sorry!

But I will check the other part (dos4gw to dos32a) tomorrow morning.

Thank you taking the time to reply!