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I can NOT get past this stupid bomb sequence where you have to run and teleport with a bomb to place it in Tube One. I've watched several Let's Play videos... I've followed the Strategy guide that came with the GOG version, to the letter... I've even taken several dry-runs WITHOUT the bomb so I'll know exactly where to go. But I can NOT exit Tube One before the bomb explodes! I'm RUNNING everywhere that I can (you can't run on some of the climbing blocks). What the HECK is the solution to this puzzle?

For reference, when I turn the corner after climbing the last block, just before you take the walkway where the laserbots are, a window opens showing the bomb timer and it's always at 2000 at this moment... as it is in the Let's Play videos. I hit the ESC to close that timer window QUICKLY and never stop running, dodging laser fire, turning quickly into Tube One, hit ENTER to drop the bomb at the door, and then keep running out the tube.

But I can't exit the tube before the timer window pops up with like only 200 left, but there's no way out after this... I'm dead. I just can not play this sequence again. I'm fed up with it. Does anybody have a savegame after this spot, or can tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd appreciate it.
Well, I got past this sequence. The solution... which really doesn't make any sense... is to make sure you have put the Alien Artifact back into your inventory BEFORE you run down the walkway with the laserbots. As soon as I climbed the last block, before running to the walkway, I hit the "I" key to stow the alien artifact in my Inventory.

Absolutely everything AFTER that happened exactly as it happened 20 times before... except this time, when I dropped the bomb (which happened just as fast as it ever did) I managed to exit the tube, turn RIGHT (towards the camera) and get to the next camera scene before the bomb exploded. The game must have figured if you have the artifact "ready" when you drop the bomb it must take you somehow longer to place the bomb? Dunno. But I've never been so elated to be past a timed game sequence in my life! :)
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Late post... Sorry.

After you drop the bomb, hit escape when it shows you the timer. That should save you enough time to run out.
clarkbhm: Late post... Sorry.

After you drop the bomb, hit escape when it shows you the timer. That should save you enough time to run out.
Nah, he's right. I just had the same issue. If you don't unequip the cube (or whatever you're holding besides the bomb), you'll get a 3 second warning after you place the bomb, which is inescapable as opposed to the 7 second warning you'll get if it's done "correctly." Glad I found this thread though. Thanks boys!