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Patch 1.07.01 (23 June 2016)

Added Polish language support for the DLC.
AI can use the multimixer and shaker more efficiently now. This means that they follow you up the tech tree more effectively. Expect the AI to be hot at your heels for the entire game now.
Improved AI pricing algorithms in Marketing and Malpractice DLC.
AIs don't patent things quite as often.
AIs now have staggered start times so they don't all flood the market at the same time in the early game.
Reduced the extent to which ingredient prices increase in base game in reaction to oversaturation. It was squeezing low level cures too intensely.
Increased value of all level 1 and some level 2 cures in base game.
In the base game, there are now only 2 AIs in Advanced, Quick Start and Room to Maneuver scenarios. This is balanced by the improved AI algorithms mentioned above.
Fixed bug where hover for "Average Saturation" was shown on the wrong column on the company tab.
Fixed some typos in event text.
Machine process times can never go below 1 (was possible before using mods).

Patch 1.06.12 (20 May 2016)

Fixes a bug introduced in the last patch while improving the custom game generation algorithms.

Patch 1.06.11 (16 May 2016)

Fixed bug where there was a very small chance that a trial with no disqualifications still received bad publicity.
Trial results now update immediately after a trial is completed
Executives are not returned until completed trial results are confirmed. This prevents a bug where two trials on the same product could be completed.
Prevented hack where you could increase price after selling a product to win a "product with price greater than" challenge. You have to sell a product at the required price for it to count now.
Increased price requirement for Big Money Products challenge slightly but decreased number of products needed for Master.
Fixed glitch where buttons above sockets would become hoverable when you switched tabs, even when zoomed out.
Reduced Expert and/or Master level requirements for various challenges: Bottom Line, Game of Margins, Show Me the Money (also reduced time limit), Not for Profit, Regulation Business.
Added an extra forest ingredient to the following scenarios: Intermediate, Advanced, Crippling Debt, Room to Maneuver, Full Unlock.
Fixed bug where custom games did not always have 1 of every catalyst requested.

Patch 1.06.09 (02 May 2016)

Bribes in free build are now possible.
Fixed hover on challenge window for operating profit based challenges.
Fixed graphical issues with ingredient/export bubbles above sockets - turning grey and background disappearing.
Daily profit includes daily repayment of loan, rather than just interest.
Stopped AI assigning executives to old products.
Fixed bug where AI would research the same project multiple times when reloading a game.

Patch 1.06.07 (02 May 2016)

Tweaked the following challenges because the recent reduction in the number of ingredients and addition of booster effects made them impossible to complete on master rating: "Two is the magic number" (renamed to "Three is the magic number" - its original name!), "Good press", "Huge portfolio"
In challenge "Aiming to please", demand is shown as a decimal per day e.g. (4.0/d) as opposed to as a percentage so that it is consistent with the numbers on the cures tab in M&M DLC.
Added boosters to Free Build mode
Added boosters to Custom Game mode. There is a slider which allows you to choose the number.
Fixed bug where if you start then stop a trial and then start another one and allow it to complete, the game crashes.
Fixed bug where you could not proceed with gameplay if you have Briber perk and complete a trial with a negative cash balance.
Reduced time it takes to research Subzero Training and Deep Sea Exploration as reduced number of cures make these necessary for many more challenges than pre-DLC. Some challenges would be too hard without these reductions in research time.

Patch 1.06.05 (26 April 2016)

This update is compatible with the Big Pharma: Marketing and Malpractice DLC.
Fixed bug where challenge 'Full Unlock - The Big Five' stopped working
Improved balance of ingredient distributions. There are a few less ingredients in each scenario which will reduce the number of duplicate cures and also force the player to get new location research earlier.
Added 'Reset Progress' button to options menu. This wipes all challenge progress and save games.

Patch 1.04.04 (04 April 2016)

Polish subtitles added.

Patch 1.04.00 (18 February 2016)

Added Spanish language option
Added Cyrillic/pan-European character support
Added an extra speed button. 5x speed used to be hidden behind 2x. Now it has its own button.
Added scenario title to objective window
Lowered process time of UV Curer, Sequencer, Sachet Maker and Centrifuge to 2
Analyzer now has a zero process cost and upgrading it increases the speed of analysis
Daily profit calculation is now more even and less prone to fluctuation
Two of the same effect in a single drug now get their strengths added together for cure rating purposes
Fixed a few display issues in German language version
Fixed a few animation glitches

Patch 1.03.00 (02 November 2015)

Added fixed belts
Added cure saturation column to company tab
Added starting concentration indicator to cures tab
Sockets now "suck" by default
Challenge cures position predetermined
Paint now costs $1
Increased refund on equipment sell in Beginner scenario to 90%
Increased effect of plot cost reduction research
Market size increased slightly on Intermediate, Advanced and Room to Maneuver scenarios
Changed some company colors
Fixed 'sticky' issue with delete tool
Stopped loan dialog being dismissed incorrectly on some scenarios
Fixed bug where messages did not slide down
Fixed bugs to do with upgrade accumulator bars

Patch 1.02.00 (12 October 2015)

General CPU optimisation.
Stopped memory leak occurring when starting many separate games within a single session.
Rebalanced some challenges to make the master levels more attainable "Even mo' money", "Quick draw", "An end to the pill", "Money spinners", "Big bucks" and "Endless possibilities".
Made "Alleviating Alzheimer's" challenge a little harder.
Fixed sync issue with belt junctions between save and load.
Fixed issue when you send the same drug through a crossroad twice in a row.
Fixed graphical issue on renaming dialog on lower resolutions.
Raw costs added up correctly in multimixer.
Stopped game resuming after product patent message is brought up manually.
Fixed graphical issues with various patent dialogs at some resolutions.
Increased diversification leaning of AIs at lower difficulties so they do not flood the markets so much.

Patch 1.01.00 (11 September 2015)

New features

Autosave added, change the frequency from the options menu.
Added 'Leave Game' confirmation dialog from in-game menu.
Added x5 game speed. Press fast forward button/hotkey a second time to activate.
Added option to disable animated tab transitions
3440 x 1440 added to resolution options
Exposed paint cost so it can now be modded

Bug fixes

Fixed various bugs on Linux version to do with locale settings
Fixed AI issue with zero-cost plots in custom games
Fixed it so increased research speed in custom games works correctly
Added option to disable dynamic cursor. This should stop issues when running fullscreen on one of two monitors

Note on mods

Saves are now 'mod-safe' in that they can only be loaded if the same mod is running as when it was created. This is to avoid crashes as the depth of mods increase and more drastic changes are made.
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Changelog for Patch 1.07.03 / GOG-12 (Windows) / GOG-13 (Linux and Mac) (added 27 July 2016):

- Fixed bug introduced in the last patch where cures could not be permanently "cured".
- Improved hover over tooltip for the graph on the cures tab in M&M DLC.
- Fixed bug where Genius perk did not affect the ETA on research items with no researchers assigned (did not affect gameplay).
- Fixed bug where AI would incorrectly use player upgrade levels for Pill Maker, Syringe, Creamer and Sachet.
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Changelog for Patch 1.07.04 / GOG-13 (Windows) / GOG-14 (Mac) / GOG-14 (Linux) (added 27 October 2016):

- Improved ingredient generation so that there is guaranteed (I really hope this time!) 1 of each 1st level cure in Free Build mode.
- Fixed ingredient generation so that ingredients with boosters can have any starting concentration.
- Fixed multiple cure product sales getting counted twice.
- Price changing buttons in M&M DLC change quicker the longer you hold them.
- Added a leave game button to the tutorial window.
- Fixed typo in first tutorial.
- First right click deletes stock gate only, instead of entire belt.
- Corrected color of fixed direction corner belts.
- Stop AI from adding two boosters of the same type to a product.
- Cannot forget products with trials in progress or complete but not confirmed.
- Cannot dismiss a trial complete message.
- Removed superfluous "Max strength concentration" from boosters - it had no gameplay effect.
- Changed hit box on options menu to stop clicks passing through to the Marketing and Malpractice enable/disable button.
- Added a missing string to the Polish translation.
- Added "icon" tag to so that mods can create new research projects but borrow the icons from official game research projects.
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Changelog for patch 1.07.10 / GOG-14 (Windows) / GOG-15 (Mac) / GOG-15 (Linux) (added 20 December 2016):

- Fixed bug where you could no longer export products with boosters in them
- Fixed bug where scrollbar on company tab no longer showed
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Changelog for patch 1.07.11 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 10 April 2017):

- Added a count for the "maker" (Pill Printer, Creamer etc.) upgrades on the research tab.
- Added option to disable upgrade point indicators in video settings.
- Fixed a bug where if you clicked on the analyzer directly after loading up a game you could cause a weird graphical issue.
- Fixed bug where hover-over details on cures, on the cure tab would get hidden if you changed tabs while hovering over them.
- Fixed bug where if two ingredients randomly generated the same name they would cause graphical error on ingredients tab
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Changelog for Patch 1.07.12 / GOG-17218 (Windows) / GOG-17221 (Mac) / GOG-17217 (Linux) (added 18 December 2017):

- Added a dropdown menu to Packer so that you can choose to pack less than the maximum.
- Added note to mod manager saying that achievements are disabled when mods are active.
- Updated description on Megalines challenge so that it says "treating different cures" when you hover over.
- Added requirements for Expert and Master for 'The One and Only'.
- Fixed bug where medals that were just unlocked would disappear if you went to the menu and back.
- Fixed bug when modding where strings in MM/ were ignored.
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Changelog for Patch 1.08.02 / GOG-20815 (Windows) / GOG-20802 (Mac) / GOG-20815 (Linux) (added 18 May 2018):

- Added Simplified Chinese language support
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