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OliWan3dfx: Sorry to bump this like that, but aren't you experiencing an increase of the distance needed to focus something with the camera using (any of) the widescreen patches ?

EDIT : well the widescreen fix wasn't the culprit, it was DSR.
I'm noticing this too, but I'm not using DSR AFAIK, although I am rendering in 4K. Did you find a way to fix this?
It wasn't DSR after all. I guess the higher the resolution the more off the focus is. I tried to mess with the widesceen fix settings, but didn't find a way to fix it. It's annoying but not game breaking so far.

I guess we have to choose between a working focus and black bars everywhere. :s
Patch from orgiginal post is still working great ! If you're ever around, thanks!
It works, thanks :)!
Hi. Can someone help me. I downloaded the mod. I put it in my directory and I can actually change the screen resolution. But I'm a complete n00b, because I still cannot erase the black bars above and below. Can someone explain to me in clear steps how I should be able to do that, please?
Thanks! This works with the delta patcher lite for the y/x mouse inverted issue. Both making the excellent game terrific.
Thanks a lot for that fix, the game is amazing, Xoxo