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Beyond Good & Evil to the adventure genre, is what Planescape Torment is to the RPG genre - a true masterpiece, a game that has set the bar so high that it far surpasses most previously released titles and has not been matched ever since by any game today
BG&E takes place in a universe called Hillys that's very different from ours. The game contains both action and adventure elements. You will get to fight and interact with the weirdest creatures: a pig for an uncle, children and citizens of Hillys who look like animal spawns, and of course the DomZ, who are the law enforcers...or so everyone thinks. Without spoiling anything, the game has you - Jade, a reporter - going about snapping pictures of rare creatures to earn pearls for currency, and of course to expose the hidden enemy
The storyline is top notch. You can't go wrong with the game here. Sure it's bizarre, but it grips you and drags you into a believable living world, just like what A New Hope did to all of us Star Wars fans. The NPCs all feel alive, and it's a joy talking to them. I have to say, the voice acting puts a lot of modern games that proclaim to have "aweshum voice acting!" to shame
BG&E is a package of many different genres of games and mini-games, though it still aptly belongs to the adventure genre. It contains adventure (look and pickup) elements, stealth elements, button mashing elements, photohunt elements; and the mini-games include racing, playing cups etc. I can't remember all of them now, because it's been a really long time since I last played it, but even in the gameplay aspect, BG&E puts modern games to shame too. Games that proclaim to have IMURSIVE MINIGAMES and all that hogwash usually do nothing more than detract you from the experience, but HERE, in BG&E, it all melds so well together, nothing feel's tacked on at all. You feel like you're IN the game and not playing the game, because the pacing is so well done
If there's a problem in the game, though, it's that it is at times rather repetitive with the stealth elements. Occasionally, you will find yourself having to go stealth through one long stretch of similar environments. Thankfully, the game does not overdo this, and when you're getting bored of these areas, hey it just so happens that you've finished the level. Again, this all comes down to the excellent pacing of the game
If I were to list down and praise every single noteworthy thing of BG&E in detail, this review would take up 1 hour of your time to read, and you probably don't want that. Instead, you want to play the game. You want to jump into Jade's shoes, to explore Hilly's, to feel the adrenaline rush of chasing down an enemy, to hunt down and snap pictures of that very rare creature. You can't go wrong with BG&E. At a price of USD10, consider it an amazing steal