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BGE polishes the run-and-fight gaming experience by adding some cool touches.
First, you get money mainly from using your camera. The planet is home to many beautiful and surprising creatures, and you get money for taking quality snapshots of them. The animals hide in some places, create grand spectacles in others. It's fun to whip out your camera and get that trick shot that's only available for a moment.

Second, beating down your enemies is necessary only occasionally. For the most part, you sneak, hide, and dash around. The infiltration missions are a little challenging, but straightforward. The path through a guarded room is laid out for you. It mostly comes down to timing.
Third, when you *do* have to deal out the damage, the controls are ridiculously easy. Mash and hack, basically. You don't need to learn the tricky combos to win, although there are one or two fancy movies that I'd like to have known how I pulled off. I like this because I can pick the game up for a while, walk away from it, and come back later without having to re-train my thumbs.
This is a great game, well worth the price, beautiful and fun. The soundtrack is unlike anything I've heard elsewhere - international influences and unusual rhythms keep the atmosphere up. The final showdown is harrowing. The final movie provides a good wrap up while opening up room (of course) for the sequel.
Well worth ten bucks!