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Is there a place where you can find the actual game mechanics? There appears to be no manual for the game, and the official wiki has nothing but a list of ships.

Specifically I am looking for combat mechanics. What do shields block? What weapons penetrate shields directly and attack the hull? Is there a way to repair the hull in situ? What are the odds of shooting down incoming missiles? What does "accuracy" mean?

Edit: Also, gun and shield arcs, weapon heat generation, plus RPG rules like what die rolls are used for what, are crew members selected at random or is the one with the best stat selected...

The game may be under development, but it would take someone a day or two to put together some basic information and Isolated Games has been making money off this for over a year. The "official" wiki has a couple slapdash pages with almost no information. 90% of the wiki pages are stock ones on how to edit Wiki pages. It is not the community's responsibility to provide basic documentation. This is now to the point of being unprofessional.
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