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Is there something like a save game editor? While I have no problem with getting a slap on the wrist if I mess up I really hate to take stuff like permanent XP penalties based on a single dice roll.

Here is the situation. My freshly rolled pride of the fleet inspected an alien freighter on the 2nd random encounter and ended up with a "Lax" trait for just doing the inspection. I don't even know why; was it the miss rolled 7+ on a d10? Was it that I wanted to see the papers first before proceeding to the never again chooseable hidden compartment search?

I really do like if a game lets define the characters with some traits here and there based on the choices made; it adds some live to it. But that example above? Thats a bit rotten. I would have been totally ok with it if I had actively chosen an lax option like "No need for inspection, papers or search; have a nice day" or similar. But that was not the case here. I intended to be thorough with the inspection, the game made a failed dice roll (still OK with that), the game decided to not offer the choices to be thorough (ok with that in the assumption the game got my intention right); I did not get any goodies or bonus (Ok ,I failed the DC, got it), game adds a permanent negative XP trait (... oO WTF now!?).

Thats stuff that totally makes me stop playing a game I just was starting to love and go to the forums to post topics like "Save Game Editor? Annoying Random Trait Removal Options?" even though I would VASTLY prefer to play the game without all the time look at such traits and ask myself whats next (and not really wanting to know whats next).

Does posting anything here even is remotely of any use i.e. do the devs read these forums? Just asking because with some other games they don't directly or flatly refer to the steam forums.
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After I found out I can now start right off the bat with a new char when already played the prologue* I rolled for like an hour till I had a nearly identical character to the botched first one (which I deleted) I gave it a 2nd try (and copied the save just for the sake I need to roll again from the start).

I played two new events. One which I by pure luck in the multiple dice rolls totally dominated and granted a fistful crew XP (why no thorough feat which grants permanent crew XP bonus? :P )

And another one which randomly popped up after a really good fight (hull still at 100%, yeay! :) ) which had the mechanic say something about a hit to the engines (... hey, hull 100 %! :( ) and I had to decide if I want that to be repaired to take a permanent hit to the ships hull or leave it as is but that a permanent hit to the ships speed. I grudgingly took the hit to the ships speed and already started to ponder what a new ship might cost when I saw that instead taking a hit to the ships speed I got a captain feat that give a hit to all ships speed that char will touch in the future too.

BTS is like this really stunning woman of your dreams you meet and as soon as you speak to her she turns around and kicks your balls. Why? Because shes a Dominatrix and assumed you are into it.

Well, I'm not. I'll watch BTS with a bit of a safety distance and really, really hope things like that are still addressed as part of the inDevelopment process.

*While not a fan of lengthy tutorials I loved the BTS one. Did not even felt like a tutorial and gave a good sense of the games setting too :)
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For a moment I was tempted to buy the game, but after reading this ... no. :) I really hate mechanics like this.
Not sure if the text was changed, but the thing with engine speed versus hull damage was pretty clear from the description. It said you can either rip some parts from the hull apart, which can be fixed at the next station, OR you leave your hull intact, but have to live with a permanent reduction in engine speed.

I agree that there are character traits that really should be ship traits, but in that case it was pretty clear from the text. Maybe they changed it since your posting - it still is in alpha after all.

Regarding random encounters that turn out really bad and you get the feeling that it was just confusing and you didn't really understand what was going on, you can just hit escape and return to the main menu BEFORE you close the result screen by clicking "accept". Or hit [Alt]+[F4]. The game only saves after you accepted the result.

Even if you didn't realize what happened, already hit "accept" and now you want to revert: you still can go to the main menu and hit "load" - there are many autosaves now that feel like being created every other minute - like after each decision or change to traits or equipment and so on.

Again, I'm not sure if that had been the case when you were playing the game - but in case you stopped playing, you might wanna give it another go now :)

Just keep in mind: it's alpha. They're patching on a regular basis tho - so things are moving.
vertex: .
Not really in the short or mid term since I got my refund. But I'll occasionally peek into it. It has all the basic elements in a spaceship/captain simulation game I longed to see for practically ever. But like all of these they have the urge to try to be perceived as super-challenging-progaming-hardcore. At least thats my current perception. That sucks any entertainment I have out of this otherwise awesome looking game. Be it the "pest or cholera?" choices; stuff that happens to one ships engine magically transferring to another (which actually also was a P or C choice; just with an (sorry) stupidly false story description or the awkward suck-it-up saving system instead of a simple (Yes, save scum abuseable) traditional save system.

Should I see that they add an mode for less fatalistic oriented carebears like me chances are extremely high I'll re-buy it immediately.
Maybe you get lucky before they reach final =)

Schreiben kannste jedenfalls :D