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Here is some game feedback. I hope it's not too late in the development cycle to fix some of these issues:

1) Documentation: I've mentioned this before, but the lack of documentation on vital game mechanics is an impediment to game enjoyment.

2) Approach messages: When you approach an unknown ship and choose a dialog option that indicates an intention to help them, the captain will often say "MAI, take us to the _next_ target", which is confusing, because it made me think that the game was telling me we were done with that ship. At other times the captain will say "Head to the target, MAI, prepare boarding protocol", which is a better thing to say. It makes me wonder if the wrong voice clip is being used in some circumstances.

3) Crafting: Crafting in general is essentially useless. The system is reasonably designed, just implemented in such a way that nothing can be created within a time frame in the game in which it's useful. To get a blueprint for something, you either have to sacrifice four of that item, or pay a huge fee. And by the time you have the (very rare) materials to actually make a useful item, you've normally been able to buy or find something better. This is, unfortunately, a common problem with game crafting systems. Game developers are so allergic to crafting making drops and purchases unnecessary that they go too far the other direction and make crafting useless. Crafting is a popular feature of many games because it adds a sense of immersion to the game, it makes you feel like you can do things, but crafting like it is in the game right now just disappoints.

4) Hull damage: Missiles should not be able to bypass shields. It's almost funny how if I fight a non-missile ship then I will come out with zero hull damage, but if I encounter even one under-powered enemy with missiles it makes me have to run for repairs after.

5) Incomplete game saves: Game saves have been mentioned. The game needs to save your actual position and what is going on around you. As it stands, all that is saved is the sector you are in and the condition of your ship. It doesn't save your position, other ships around you.

6) Rogue-like: The game is NOT ROGUELIKE. Developers who implement permadeath into a game then slap "roguelike" as a description don't know the difference. Permadeath does not equal roguelike. Roguelike means it is like Rogue, which is a dungeon crawling game. Is this a dungeon crawling game? Stop calling it roguelike. If your takeaway from Rogue is that all that made Rogue cool was that it implemented permadeath, then you need an education in game history.

7) The fighting mechanics are not bad, but it could be better with the inclusion of a few more camera options. For one, a camera option that allows you to manoeuver the ship without the camera changing angle position is a must. Secondly, because you are always viewing off the axis of the ship, the game has to guess what object you are actually shooting at so as to point the guns to the right distance. This makes leading the target difficult. A camera option that fades out the ship and positions the view as looking directly out of the ship would be beneficial. Then the guns can fire exactly the direction of the cursor. A way to zoom the camera in and out would be great. Mouse-wheel for speed is unnecessary - it would be better used for camera control.

8) A way to select and mark your target would be beneficial in a mult-threat environment.

9) Scrapping items where there is more than one should default to the maximum number of items in the stack. Shouldn't have to drag the slider to the max number every time. The only items that stack are items which are scrap-only anyway, so it's not like there is any other use for them.

I will add to this thread as more items come up.


10) TAB Weapon Selection: This system is both a poor design and buggy in implementation. First the bugs: of the two ships I've tried so far, both of them have weapons on the wrong part of the weapon wheel. Secondly the poor design: the way it is now is almost useless in game, you can't select quickly enough for it to be useful. Most space-based games with multiple guns you can turn on and off do it by letting the user assign and select weapon groups. Most of the time what happens is you turn on the weapons you want to be in that group, you hit SHIFT-F1. Then when you press F1 later, those weapons are what are selected. This would allow much better weapon selection. You can have F1 set to your anti-shield weapons, F2-anti-hull, etc.
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11) Loot: Well done! Loot isn't just vendor bait. You can actually get good and useful items as drops from killed enemy ships. About half my ship is outfitted with dropped items. The other half was purchased. It's also good that selling loot nets you pretty good money. Makes the game feel real.

12) FX: Some FX don't make sense. Like the manoeuvering thrusters, which look more like low-intensity flames from a fireplace than they look like thrusters. There is this kind of rock-star hell ship on Star Trek Online with flames that come out everywhere that the manoeuvering thrusters here remind me of. People nowadays are educated. Gone are the days of the flame from the back of the Adam West batmobile looking credible.

13) Forced Ship: Seriously WTF??? Fully half of the game as it exists now forces you to use one particular ship. You are unceremoniously dumped into one of the enemy ship types. I thought, ok, maybe for one mission. But no, it's the last half of all that is done in the game so far. So after working hard to get the ship you love, you then get constrained into this piece of junk they hand us. This makes the game really really unfun. There are times you could switch back, but only if you do side jobs and then you are haviung to juggle which is hard because...

14) Ship Switching: When switching among ships in your hangar, the game doesn't remember the last configuration. So you have to fiddle with your ship system config for ten minutes every time. When you switch ships, have the game remember which items were where so when you switch back, if you have the same items, then the ship is usable instantly. Look at Star Trek Online for a great system for this.
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