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I just found this game, and already like what I see!

There are just a couple of questions that are of paramount importance to me.
Well, one Major one really.

Priority 1: Will this game feature a third person chase cam, like in Freelancer?

The trailer and screenshots obviously showed it being third person cam, but what kind is the question, there being several. The static view - click/hold mouse to change, like in EVE Online (and Freelancer), or the dynamic view chase cam, like in Dark Star One (and Freelancer)?
There are also the variants. The 2D plane orbiting TPS cam of Rebel Galaxy, and the too close, too distant cam, as well as the misaligned crosshair like in Starpoint Gemini 1/2 (?).
I used to be able to play cockpit only mode back with Tachyon - The Fringe, but ever since Freelancer, and my increasing birthdays, I can't control vehicles without having an overview of them and be able to judge their relative distance to objects in-game.

Secondary Priority: How much like Freelancer is it/will it be/is it aiming for?

I have yet to see a single mention of Freelancer describing this game, and more Rebel Galaxy or Starpoint Gemini. 2 very different spaceship sims!?

Q3: Will this be development for Mouse and Keyboard or gamepad in mind first? Because all the games I've played that have had gamepad as priority lately have been disasters.

Sorry for my obsession with Freelancer, but that game had so many good things in it, despite the few initial flaws, that it's still talked about positively.
And I've been on the hunt for another good Third Person Chase Cam Spaceship-sim ever since then.
Rare as they are.

Thanks for reading!
This question / problem has been solved by verteximage
I remember Freelancer being way more action driven. In BTS you're commanding a fat tank and you have two different camera modes.

Mode 1 will follow your ship. You have a mouse cursor to aim and interact, but the camera always stays behind your ship and tilts only slightly, so you can interact in what feels like something of a 120° cone in front of your ship.

Mode 2 will allow you to rotate the camera in a full circle around your ship by moving the cursor to the edge of the screen. You can't look 90° up or down tho, which kinda bothers me quite a bit.

One huge difference to Freelancer: In both modes the ship will NOT follow your mouse cursor! In Freelancer your guns are pointed forward and you have a light ship that turns around quickly - in BTS you have a slow tank that only moves and turns when you hit keys on your keyboard - but you don't need to fully turn around, since you can switch to mode 2 and fire in any direction 360° around you.

Then you have 6 degrees of freedom. 3 directions of movement: speed up, speed down, boost (eating into your shields), vertical and lateral movement, as well as the 3 common directions of rotation: pitch, yaw and roll. But all of these 6DOF are keyboard input only, while you give fire, scan and loot commands using your mouse.

It's a bit of a weird concept that I've never encountered anywhere else - but one quickly gets used to it and since it's not a fast paced action shooter, you don't really "need" more than that. In BTS you are the commander/captain of a big ship with a crew - not a fighter pilot.

I recommend watching a "Let's Play" video on YouTube :)
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