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You can find there latest updates/news on the "events" tab in there Steam discussions forum, in the events tab.

From there Steam post:

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite some time since our last update. These months have been very complicated.

As we announced on Discord, we’ve started out the year on a bad foot. At the beginning of January, both me and the other developer of Between the Stars were hospitalized. Besides that, our translator decided to leave the team in the middle of the chapter without any warning. He simply stopped responding and blocked us.

But we are happy to communicate to you that we are completely recovered and we are back on track. The translation is already well underway and next month we plan to implement a large patch in the public beta with the continuation of the third chapter, among other things.

Fourth chapter in the main campaign: Infiltrate the ranks of the Children of the Sun as one of their Captains and reveal the true plans of Emperor Nartos.
60 new events that continue the story, doable in different order, making up for a total of seven different endings for the chapter.

New hand drawn event picture captions: We've hired a concept artist to work the event imagery. The intention is to have images throughout the entire game's events and we'll work them in during Early Access. Here are a few samples:

New wingman system: Now your allies can accompany you throughout your adventure.

New playable ships: We will be adding new ships to the latest sectors available in the game.

Visualization of enemy ships: One of the most recurring topics on the forums was the inability to view the Children of the Sun’s ships properly. We’ve corrected textures and added new outline shaders to increase their visibility considerably.

It can be turned off from the options menu so you can play as you’ve been playing up until now if you like.

We hope you enjoy what's coming and wanted to thank you for your time and patience.

Hope the devs don´t mind me posting this. Hopefully they will get to posting here on GOG.