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The bonus instant action maps from the Omega Squadron Map pack are headed to Redux.

Included in this pack are the base vs. base, player versus AI Instant Action maps that were originally included in the Omega Squadron Map Pack. These maps are based on their Strategy and MPI counterparts, (some of which can currently be found in the Omega Squadron Multiplayer Map Pack) but are adapted for Instant Action with a few tweaks. They all utilize the base-building, advanced-strategy-changing AI featuring in Omega Squadron MPI/MPM maps. You will get tanks, APCs, walkers, howitzers, bombers, and sometimes a little of everything sent against your base. The AI will build a base from scratch and rebuild it if it has enough scrap. It will lay minefields to impede your progress. It will use its armory to upgrade and repair its units and defenses. ...Good luck!

Update 06/11/16:
-Taught the AI how to use its Armory:
Launches gun tower, turret, and vehicle upgrades
Repairs damaged buildings and units
Likes to spy on your base
Will Wreck your Day if you aren't careful
-Decreased general AI difficulty slightly
-Lots of internal fixes

Current Maps:
Mars Fate
Strain III
Tharsis Mons

Comming Soon(ish):
Adversus Machina
Hills of Peace

The Omega Squadron Instant Action Map pack includes several modded cheat codes to expand gameplay and increase replayability! These cheats only work on maps in this pack, or that otherwise include the necessary lua script.

CTRL+SHIFT+IAMNSDF - removes player units and gives the player an NSDF recycler and scout
CTRL+SHIFT+IAMCCA - removes player units and gives the player a CCA recycler and scout
CTRL+SHIFT+IAMBDOG - removes player units and gives the player a Black Dog recycler and scout
CTRL+SHIFT+NEWAI[NUM][FACTION] - removes the units of the specified AI team (first AI team is 1, and so on) and generates a new recycler and a few units of the specified faction for that team instead. Examples: NEWAI1NSDF will remove the units of the first AI team, and give an NSDF recycler and units (NEWAI1CCA would do the same but replace with CCA recycler and units).
CTRL+SHIFT+DEATHWISH - gives the AI an absurd amount of scrap
CTRL+SHIFT+LANDER - gives the player a Lander
CTRL+SHIFT+CLOAK - gives the player double the cloaking
CTRL+SHIFT+STRATLOCK - prevents the AI from changing strategies
CTRL+SHIFT+ACHILLES - makes the ground very unstable
CTRL+SHIFT+UPGRADES - gives upgrades to a few units
CTRL+SHIFT+RAVE - gives out rave guns like candy

Notice that with the combination of the IAM and NEWAI cheats, it is possible to play any of these maps as either faction (+black dogs), against either faction.

Please post thoughts, comments, bugs, whishes and hopes below!



To install for GoG, simply unzip the download into your /mods folder in your game directory!

[The text here is Cut and paste from the steam workshop entry Here

[I am not the creator aka I am not scrapool, I am just sharing it with you guys for awareness purposes.]
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Thank you for a mod
Hello i was wondering could it be possible to reupload the mappack somewhere? The link posted is no longer available.

Thank you for your time in reading this post, have a great day.
hilogunna: Hello i was wondering could it be possible to reupload the mappack somewhere? The link posted is no longer available.

Thank you for your time in reading this post, have a great day.
Yup I will get it reuploaded soon, I had completely forgotten about it, give me another week or two as things are kinda hectic.