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Tried to install like 5X; Norton pops up with "Norton blocked this Heuristic Virus " c:/gog games\battlezone98 redux\launcher\bzlauncher". I've tried everything: downloading the files normally (they don't communicate & I can't play it), the Galaxy client (first time I got the notification), and the Downloader (The other 3 times). What do I do?
Well, the first thing I'd suggest is to replace Norton with something better.
My Norton thinks it's a Trojan,keeps breaking installation. When that doesn't happen, it gives a Disk Access Failure error.
I was able to install and play for some trainings, then it was broken again ;( WTH all my other GOG games worked great. Someone plz help, I played BZ long ago,love it,but after trying 20x times or more to re-install it .... SIGH
This is a false detection. Just exclude the directory so it isn't scanned again. I won't debate which anti-virus products are best or worst, that is not the point.
Now if I can figure how to exclude BZ from norton.. every time i turn around norton has broken installation of BZ lol. Thx for reply