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I've only played a few skirmishes so far and just started my first campiagn.
Was on the mission to take out the sattelites and except for a Jupiter class ship which we used in the first mission of the campaign the rest of these ships seem lame compared to what the Cylons are using.
My adamants were getting their assed kicked by these overgunned Talons that are not only bristling with guns but also launch fighters.
The manitcore corvettes except for the guided missiles they carry are worthless in regards to any type of gun support so what is their primary purpose in the game. even the Adamant's don't seem to have anything to brag about when it comes to artillery. And why do they sometimes on fire two guided missiles instead of four?

There is nothing in the manual that shows you anything about the ships that are in the game.
Thier weaknesses, thier strengths, nothing.
How fast is each ship?
What kind of damage can you expect from each ships weapons?
And how come when they fire at you every single and I mean every single shot hits you.
I don't care if it guns or missiles and how far away they are every shot hits you. You can turn and avoid their missiles. The smaller corvettes if their gonna be useless in a gunfight they should at least have some manueverability to keep from getting killed.
Need to put out a manual on the next release or do a site or something so we know what we even have to work it.
I've been playing Eve Online for a while now and I kind of like the the change with the turn based system. Not as stressfull as Eve but at least there you can look up every ship, every weapon, every feature that's possible for you to use.
Thanks for listening.
Eve has been around a lot longer
the toasters are dum as dog shit so once you learn to play this game it becomes a cake walk that the story senarios counter by stacking silly amounts of enermy ships against you

the point of this game is to watch the vids at the end of the battles i.e, space porn!