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Does it have it's own server? Can GoG and STEAM play together? I have run into a few games were it is segregated which results in far less available players especialy with GoG versions of games I have tried (ie: Grim Dawn).
Thanks for any info!
I'd like to know myself. This game is $50 on steam and has been on my wishlist for a while waiting for a sale but today I noticed an email from gog saying it was on sale for $20 so I bought it here...but if I can only play with other who own the gog version then I dunno if I want to keep it.

Just looking at the forums for the game there are clearly more people playing the steam version...alot more
high rated
Hi guys,

yes, both Gog and Steam players can play each other on multiplayer (both not Console/PC)! I am doing it right now in fact.


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