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Whenever I try to select "Controller" from the input dropdown, I'm locked out of the game.

Because, while it does switch to the controller, and now doesn't accept any more keyboard & mouse inputs, all that works with the controller are buttons A and B. I can open the dropdown with the controller again, and either select "Controller" with A as it's already selected, or back out of the dropdown with B. But nothing else. No up, down, close menu, nothing works. Alt+F4 or taskkill closes the game, and resets to KB & mouse, thankfully.

I've got only 1 controller connected. It's using the Xbox controller profile, and switching to direct input instead doesn't solve the problem, either. The controller is working perfectly fine with any other game and working properly in its properties window of Windows, too.

It's a Speedlink Torid. I've been using these things for a long time now, never had any problems.
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Hello BlackSun,

Please contact me on and I'll try to help troubleshoot this issue.