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I've got a portable computer with a duall graphics card setup with the integrated intel graphics and a separate nvidia quadro P4200.

For some reason battlestar galactica deadlock is unable to recognize the quadro at all. Even if I tell the nvidia control panel to always use nvidia, it still uses the integrated graphics.

And so it starts with a complain "unsupported graphics system: auto-detected an unsupported Intel graphics system. A crash or game instability is possible".

Don't know about the crashes, but it sure is slow like a snail. How can I override the malfunctioning auto-detect and use the nvidia instead?
Hello vsipola,

thanks for your message. This issue is likely due to the quadro card not being supported, as quadro cards are primarily rendering focused.

I will double check with the dev team and let you know.


Hey guys, I've got pretty much the same issue except rather than a quadro I'm using a Geforce 970m, I haven't attempted to open this game in a while and previously when I had played it it ran very well, now the frame rate struggles on the war room scenes and any attempt to load a battle results in a crash. Like OP I've checked through the Nvidia control panels and it seems like it should be running off the GPU. any advice would be really appreciated.