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Hello, im new to the community
Please help me with my curiosity

Is number of existing huts affect how fast peasant respawn?

Is number of existing yin or yang affect normal unit status ( not hero )?

How yin and yang are obtained?

Please order 4 clans' peasant builders from the fastest to the slowest

Please order 4 clans' training duration from fastest to slowest
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Why I'm not an expert, I'll try to answer your questions:

1) No, number of huts does not affect peasants spawn time. Peasants numbers matters - the more people in general you have, the slower the process becomes.

2) I don't think 'just' having points affecting the game in anyway, nor units. It's used only for upgrades research in buildings.

3) Ying and Yang are obtained solely through battle. The further away from your base, the better (accents aggresive playstyle, basically).

4) Honestly I doubt there is a difference, but this I'm not as sure as above mentioned stuff... If there is disparition, the Lotus clan would be the slowest?

5) This is, on the other hand, depends too much 'what' unit you train, I think, so it's even harder to say for me if one clan is faster in training than the other. Maybe someone else can confirm/deny this.

Hope it hepled you anyhow. :)
The first three questions were answered perfectly, I just have some notes at the last two:

Yes, all the faction's resource gathering is the very same, except for Lotus at late game. You can produce golems (an ability of one of the heroes) that doesn't counts as units thus it increase your gathering rate if you doesn't remove the farming peasants.

About training times: the same tier has the same training times. There are some unique units that has a little more, like the Necromancer or the Master Warlock, but not that noticeable.
To correct and explain:

1) Yes, more peasant huts increase the peasant spawn rate. Tried and tested. The videoproof is here.

2) Yin/Yang points increase the damage of Zen Masters, including Ninjas/Monks and Wildeye's Spirit Wolves. Other units are not affected.

3) As explained in original Battle Realms Manual, the farther you fight from your base, the more points you get. There's no detailed information that would determine the certain regularity. BRJokerz go by one motto "The better you play- the more you earn", you get points for dealing damage to units and buildings. The more points you earn, the harder it is to get them.

Upgraded Town Squares give the clan 50% Yin/Yang raise boost.

The Dragon Clan has a special tactic of sacrificing samurais near their enemies, to earn the Yin points quickly by commiting seppuku (that's a game bug by the way, but nobody seems to care).

~ Peasants are equal in their building speed, and the training for them is equal too (Unless you speed them up with Issyl's or Budo's abilities). Wolf Peasants deal more damage (And will have more hitpoints, if ugpraded specifically) and gather rice faster, where as Lotus' peasants have the least hitpoints (135, unlike other peasants' 156).

Tier 4 units such as Werewolf and Master Warlock have certain conditions. Werewolf Requires a Berserker being blessed by Druid, Master Warlock requires 2 Warlocks, fightiing each other in the Warlock's Tower. So, depending on your speed, the time may vary. Consider the cost of buildings and units all combined.

The Necromancer, not a tier 4 unit, but a Zen Master, needs 4 Ronins sacrificing themselves near the Necromancer's Throne. Same as The Dragon needs 4 Samurai to sacrifice themselves + 3 Yin Points, but it won't move anywhere, it will deal huge AOE damage on the targeted area once you order.

The more you know, folks! Battle Realms is much more detailed, than it seems. ;)
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No one is questioning that it is more detailed. The question was where to find the info. :D
Thanks for clarifying things. Need to remember them <especially about yin/yang>.
Bethezer: No one is questioning that it is more detailed. The question was where to find the info. :D
Thanks for clarifying things. Need to remember them <especially about yin/yang>.
Play ONLINE, test, analyze, dig the game files, ask. ;)

This knowledge has been gathered since a long time ago, by the dedicated community players, that are now considered veterans (most of them being pro- players). A lot of this info is not stated anywhere in official BR related sources, so it's solely community work.

Some pieces of info such as peasants huts case are posted on my YT channel. I shall soon make more tutorials and interesting stuff, that are not just pro- matches.
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