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branbuds: I now notice that Windows 10 is not shown in the recommended operating systems in it's review.
And yet it's possible to get it to work on Win10.
Just needs a bit of fiddling and tinkering around.

In those cases where it used to work on Win10 but then didn't it's almost always due to one of Win10's frequent updates breaking something.
spae111: Hello!

I have some problem with the Incubation game!
When I start the game i got this message:
Application error
Exception EinOutError in module launcher.exe at 00012F8D.
I/O error 32

Thanks, Peter
Swedrami: Try some of the solutions in this thread, it might help in your case as well.

For me (Win10 x64, v1909), the following worked:

1) (Re-)Activate the DirectPlay legacy components
Under control panel -> programs and features -> turn windows features on or off (on the left hand side) -> scroll down to "Legacy components" -> set the checkmark -> click OK and let Windows do its thing -> once it's finished reboot for the changes to take effect

2) Download dgVoodoo from here (latest stable version, currently v2.64) - any warnings from the anti-virus can be ignored
Unpack the zip archive to somewhere of your choosing -> copy D3D8.dll, D3DImm.dll and DDraw.dll from the /MS/x86 subfolder into the Battle Isle Incubation install directory
Also copy dgVoodooCpl.exe from the unpacked dgVoodoo directory to the Battle Isle Incubation install directory (in case you want to configure/fine tune anything)

3) Download the archive winmm.rar from here
Unpack the rar archive to somewhere of your choosing -> rename winmm_nomciclose.dll to sound.dll -> copy the renamed sound.dll into the Battle Isle Incubation install directory (confirm if asked whether to overwrite an existing file of the same name)

4) In the Battle Isle Incubation install directory run Settings.exe as administrator, make sure that DirectX is selected and confirm with "Save and launch"

And voila - it should run now.
Thanks for your instructions, I just installed Incubation successfully.

I want to add that I chose 3Dfx in Settings.exe instead of DirectX to have Bilinear Filtering.

In order to make it work you need to copy the custom dgVoodoo Glide DLLs to the Incubation folder.

I'm talking about the 3 files in the 3Dfx/x86 folder. This way all the functionality on the Glide tab will be available.