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Hardware: dual HD3870 on AMD motherboard, Phenom II X2 processor.

On a Win7 64bit system the GOG made Launcher.exe won't run. Doesn't appear in task manager list for more than a fraction of a second before quitting again. Gives no error messages.

On the same hardware, rebooted into WinXP 32bit the program works just fine in both DirectX and 3DFX modes.

Also works just fine on a Laptop with Nvidia graphics and Vista.

It seems like something is blocking the executable only in Win7 / DirectX11, unrelated to hardware.

Win7 is up to date, drivers and OS, nothing unusual installed (like SDKs or development software), have never seen this type of instant-quit behaviour before. I have followed all the official GOG troubleshooting steps. Spent a lot of time trying every combo of compatibility settings. The only thing I noticed is that Launcher.exe is using Polish language.

Anybody have any type of suggestion for this problem?
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